Dominicide Roster
Dominicide is full of a mix of casuals and serious players, ranging from pvp'ing to raiding. With varying degrees of skill and playtime, Dom has grown into a family orientated, diverse, casual guild, with an eighth of our guild population consisting of Elseng and his thousand nephews, to the crazy Canadians of the north.

Armory - Listing of Dominicide Members

Armory - Key/Rep Status of Level 70 Members

Guild Structure
The overall structure of Dominicide is simple. There is a guild leader, and three branches of officers. The officers have varying skill within their classes, but are above and beyond in helping everyone within the guild. The highest ranking officers have specific responsibilities within the guild, ranging from recruiting to group leading. We've found this loose-ranked structure to be very fitting for smaller-sized TBC content. We plan to explore the possibility of class leads once we have enough representation for any given class.
Optimus Prime
Slonato, the Tauren Druid. Capable of leading anything resembling a 5-man party, to battleground skirmishes, as well as raids on either Alliance towns or larger instances. He is often found fighting off the alliance in most any part of the world, taking on disadvantageous odds when possible. His versatile knowledge in most every facet of WoW has been leveraged at least once by every member of the guild, ranging from spec pointers, to overall play-style tips. Slo functions as the devil's advocate in most every guild matter, drawing a nice medium between the passive and the hard-line sides of the officers.
Blood Council
Rapsag, the Undead Priest, typically found in battlegrounds chugging combat pots and disassembling Alliance parties piece by piece, either through proxy of healbotting his allies, or by assailing with a combination of shadow and holy. Rapsag functions as the primary healing lead within raids, and is always lending a willing hand to heal for the guild when he has the time.

Azathot, the Orc Rogue, the man of a thousand seven faces. Aza's alt army grows daily, harvesting ridiculous amounts of money and items through a wake of healing, stabbing, and pyroblasting; both Alliance and mundane foes alike. Aza functions as the quiet pillar of the officer-ship, typically offering up his alts as a mainstay in forming guild groups.

Silmeria, the Undead Warlock, infamous raid leader of Dominicide. Typically found screaming at priests for popping shadow fiends on Moroes (pre-fix), and left bewildered how a tank died on a single mob pull with three priests on the raid. Likely the most hard-line officer in Dominicide, Sil was recognized as a driving force within the guild, and continues to manage the raid infrastructure with the assistance of all the officers.

Propaganda Fuhrer
Hhalia, the Undead Priest, seeks and seduces guild recruits. Although all officers assist in recruiting, Hhalia has continued to be the main resource in recruiting as well as always lending a healing hand when she has the time in her rather tight schedule. Her versatile skills include doing your makeup, as well as unleashing sharp shrills over vent, leaving most of the vent without hearing for several minutes and a typically upset Rapsag.
Bojangels, the Australian Mage, blowing everything out of the water from the land down under. Bobo offers his feedback in several in-game decisions during raids and such. He is often found helping guild members through his own smaller army of alts, and is noted for his inclination to pyroblast every single Alliance he finds in his path. If you need assistance on pulling aggro and dying in a fire, Bobo is the man for you.

Akishirena, the radical Troll Shaman. The target of every lustful man's heart in the guild, Aki finds herself involved in constant male's competitions for her woos, often at the expense of their hearts being broken as she runs the college gambit of every deadly sin you can imagine. All kidding aside, Aki's role within the officer-ship is to graffiti officer chat with as many smiles as possible.

Moridzai, Undead Warlock, and helper extraordinaire. When asked for assistance, Morid's always the first to jump up and lend a hand. Morid can be found in many avenues of the forums, always willing to chat, and never minding company. He serves as our reminder of a casual player under a working schedule, often giving us constructive feedback to our discussions.

Jaks -- the underage mascot of the officer-ship. Seriously, does this guy really do anything beyond stabbing people? =)