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Applying to Dominicide
This process begins with post in the recruitment forum, using the application posted under the recruitment section of our forums.

We expect our applicants to come in the 60-70 bracket, but we take the occasional lowbies for moral support (typically they are friends of someone in the guild). Our process typically includes an armory check of some sort, and possibly a few inquiries on the forum. We are not expecting you to join with Kara key and all heroics in hand, but will certainly weight your application more if you come prepared. Good gear is not a must either. A good rule of thumb is that if you are lacking in the previously mentioned elements, then you should bolster your application with what you have: Good gear can be replaced, but stupidity cannot. Despite what the below section may say, we are always looking for good raiders of every class, and will consider almost anyone who applies with good faith. We also appreciate some form of grasp on the English language; we don't mind a little shorthand here and there, but if everything you say is elite speak mixed with shorthand .. don't expect a warm reception (2 gd 4 u all!).

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Class Needs
We've all been in guilds and organizations that screened applicants by class population, and we've been in guilds where class population was ignored and everyone was accepted (zerg!). We follow neither principle; we offer our class population and corresponding raider count to allow you to make your own decision if you would fit from a number perspective.

* Last updated 6/4/07 *

We have a pretty sizeable need for main tank orientented warriors at this point in time, as well as the DPS'ing variety. We hope that our tanks are capable markers, and can support raid tanking to the best of their abilities. We're talking about the pivot class of the raid here, and expect you to know the fundamentals as well as the intricacies of raid tanking (that is, you understand concepts such as crit immunity, crush immunity, damage mitigation, etc). Because warriors serve as a single point of failure within raids, we have a very high bar on tanking warriors who request to main tank raids. As far as DPS'ing warriors are concerned, all that we ask is that you maintain a tank set for when you are called upon to serve as an off-tank.
We are currently on the search for good druids across all specs, especially resto and feral specs. We believe in utilizing the full potential of the druid class -- you should bring all your gear to the table and be capable of switches roles throughout a raid. As a hybrid class, we tend to place higher requirements on our druids' gear levels in order to be cleared to raid.
For the time being, we have a very healthy hunter population for our guild size; we are not actively looking for more hunters at this time, although as always, we will consider exceptional applicants. Our hunters vary in spec, particularly BM/Marksmanship, and we place high expectations on our hunters. At the very least, you should be very intimate with dps'ing effectively and have a good grasp on ice trap CC for the rare event that its needed.
At the moment, we have a minor need for additional skilled mages. We expect our mages to be capable DPS'ers, as well as have a good understanding of their secondary abilities: such as a fundamental frost nova rotation and decent counterspelling reflexes.
Surprisingly, we have a healthy population of paladins at this time. We would certainly welcome an additional exceptional holy paladin at this point to round out the healing core. Despite spec, Paladins should maintain their hybrid off-spec gear to the best of their ability, and as such, higher raid-entry requirements have been placed on them to ensure this for the overall betterment to the raid.
We have a decent population of priests at the moment. Presently, we could use one more active healing-spec'ed priest to round out the healing core, and will probably be looking for one or two more shadow priests in the future to support our 25-man raids. All of our priests are expected to maintain their healing gear as best as possible, even if shadow-spec'ed. We also welcome new raid priests if you so choose, but we ask that you be ready to accept all feedback, as raid healing is very different than 5-man healing.
We could certainly use more PvE spec'ed rogues at this point, our melee DPS is sorely lacking within the guild, with the brunt of our DPS coming from the ranged sector. The rogues that we do have tend to play to pvp, supporting the raiding half of the guild when they have time. All rogues are expected to be very excellent at dps'ing, and as such, if you are poor at this, there really isn't any reason to haul you around.
We have a very small shaman population at the moment, and would certainly welcome shamans of all specs at this point. As a hybrid class, we have high expectations on your class, and the responsibility to maintain your off-spec outfits.
For the time being, we have a very healthy warlock population for our guild size; we are not actively looking for more warlocks at this time, although we will of course consider exceptional applicants. We expect our warlocks to DPS effectively as well as work within the raid as a team player. We appreciate demonic sacrifice specs, but do not expect to go through the entire raid without pulling out an imp once or twice to handle spike damaged orientated fights.